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The Sidekick® - Accessories

Wimberley Professional Photo Gear - The Wimberley Gimbal Head
Wimberley Sidekick Head SK-100  
"I simply add the Sidekick to my ballhead and immediately have a gimbal-type head that has smooth movements in every direction..."  -George Lepp


SK-100 The Sidekick ($250.00)  

Download Product Instructions -

Weight: 1.3 lbs (590 grams)
Dimensions: (L x W x H): 9.5" x 5" x 2.5"
Weight Capacity: >100lbs (45kg) (Limited to Ballhead Panning Capacity)

Note: The SK-100 has a built-in Arca-Swiss style quick-release clamp. In order to use the head, your lens must be equipped with an Arca-Swiss style lens plate.

IMPORTANT: See our Compatibility section to ensure your equipment will work with the Sidekick.

PO-120 Wimberley Sidekick Head Pouch under Wimberley Sidekick Head SK-100

PO-120 Wimberley Sidekick Pouch ($22.75)

The Wimberley Sidekick Pouch fits the Sidekick. Custom manufactured by LensCoat, the soft neoprene protects the Sidekick from scratches during traveling and in the field. A pull cord closure allows easy access. Flattens for easy storage. Stress areas reinforced with cordura nylon.

The Sidekick pouch is available only in Black, branded with the Wimberley name.

Wimberley F-6 Sidekick Bracket
F-6 Sidekick Bracket ($152.00)  

This bracket consists of modules M1 & M3. It positions the flash above the lens when using side-mounted gimbal heads such as the Sidekick.

Note: The Nikon SC-29 Cord is not compatible with this bracket unless you use the FA-11 Adapter.

Note: If you want a bracket that will work on the Sidekick and on your ball head, the F-1 Telephoto Bracket can be configured for either task.

Download Product Instructions -

Wimberley F-6 Sidekick Bracket mounted on Sidekick in BH-300 ball head

Wimberley BH-300 Arca-Swiss Monoball Z1 with Wimberley Quick Release Clamp BH-300 Arca-Swiss Monoball Z1 with Wimberley Quick Release Clamp ($445.00)   

  • Height: 4 in (10.1cm) / Weight: 1.52 lb (689g)
  • Robust ball head with 130 (59kg) off-axis weight load capacity
  • Base diameter: 2.7 inches (69mm), not including knobs
  • Thumb-dial with fine-tension adjustment for center ball
  • Download Arca Swiss Z1 Product Instructions -

  • SP (single pan) version with single panning base
  • Arca-Swiss manufacturer 3-Year Warranty
  • Includes an Arca-Swiss compatible,
         Wimberley screw-knob quick-release clamp
         (pre-installed w/ medium-strength adhesive)

  • Wimberley Sidekick Shifter Block and spacer plates AP-900 AP-901 AP-902 and AP-903

    Sidekick Shifter & Spacers

    Some larger lenses require the Sidekick to be shifted further out from the ball head in order to move the lens closer to the center of gravity. Your lens may require the use of a shifter to balance it perfectly on the Sidekick. Check our lens chart to see if your lens needs a spacer.

    AP-900 ($50) Sidekick Shifter Block = 0.75" offset
    AP-901 ($65) Sidekick Shifter + one (1/4") spacer plate = 1.0" offset
    AP-902 ($80) Sidekick Shifter + two spacer plates = 1.25" offset
    AP-903 ($95) Sidekick Shifter + three spacer plates = 1.50" offset

    CK-550 Soft-touch Knob Conversion Kit ($10.00)  

    This kit allows you to replace the round tilt knob on older Sidekicks and Original Wimberley Heads with a 5-lobe, soft-touch knob.

    *Not compatible for use as a replacement for new Sidekicks and WH-200s that already have 5 lobe soft-touch knobs. These knobs have a different thread pitch. If you need a replacement knob for these products or any other part, please contact us.

    Wimberley AK-100 Sidekick Safety Plate Adapter

    AK-100 Sidekick Safety Plate Adapter ($43.00)  

    The AK-100 attaches to Wimberley Sidekicks produced BEFORE May 2018, providing a dovetail width that conforms to the limited clamping range of lever-style clamps. (Traditional twist-knob clamps will work with the AK-100 as well.)

    Sidekicks produced after May 2018 have a built-in anodized dovetail plate with a safety stop screw and do not require the AK-100 for Arca-Swiss lever-style clamps or use of safety stop screw feature.

    Attaching Wimberley Sidekick Safety Plate Adapter AK-100 to Wimberley Sidekick Head SK-100
    View video for more about our Safety Stops

    The AK-100 also provides a stop-screw to insure that the Sidekick cannot accidentally slide out of your ball head’s quick-release clamp.

    Download Product Instructions -

    Close up view of Wimberly Safety Stop Screw SW-Stop attached to Wimberley Sidekick Safety Plate Adapter AK-100



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