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Wimberley Head Version II WH-200 and Wimberley Sidekick SK-100 collage   Wimberley Plamp II Ground Plamp and Plamp Stake collage   Collage of Wimberley F-9 Telephoto Bracket on Wimberley Head Version II and Wimberley Macro Bracket on BH-300 ball head  
Wimberley Gimbal Head
Wimberley Sidemount Head
Wimberley Sidekick
Wimberley MonoGimbal Head

WH-200 Platform

Gimbal Head Pouch
Sidekick Pouch
MonoGimbal Pouch

BH-300 Arca-Swiss Z1 Ballhead with Wimberley Clamp

  Plamp II
Ground Plamp
Plamp Stake
Plamp Extension Rod

Plamp II Extension
Plamp II Clip Only
Plamp II Clamp
Ground Spike
Plamp Stake Extension Tube
  F-1, F-2, F-4, F-6, F-9

Individual Modules
M-1, M-2, M-3, M-4, M-5, M-6, M-7
M-8, M-9

Flash Adapters
AP-7, AP-11, FA-9, FA-11

Learn about our flash brackets.

Collage of Wimberley Lens Plates P-10 P-20 P-30 P-40 P-50   Wimberley P-5 Camera Body Plate   Collage of Wimberley Replacement Lens Feet AP-452 AP-554 AP-555 AP-602 AP-652  
P-10, P-20, P-30, P-35, P-40, P-50

Which plate do I need?



  AP-452, AP-500, AP-501, AP-502
AP-503, AP-551, AP-552, AP-554
AP-555, AP-600, AP-601, AP-602
AP-603, AP-604, AP-606, AP-607
AP-608, AP-609, AP-610, AP-611
AP-612, AP-616, AP-620, AP-652

Learn about our replacement feet.

Collage of Wimberley C-12 and C-30 Quick Release Clamps   Collage of Wimberley Adapters AK-100 FA-11 AP-7   Collage of Wimberley Lens Plate Screw SW-100 and brass reducer bushing BS-100  
C-10, C-12, C-30

Learn about our clamps.

  AP-7, AP-11, AK-100, AP-900, AP-901,
, AP-903, CK-100, CK-200, CK-550,
FA-9, FA-11, M-8, RB-100
  BS-100, SW-100, SS-100, SW-105,
SW-AP414, for (AP-600, AP-601, AP-602,
AP-603, AP-604, AP-608, AP-652)

SW-AP412, for (AP-609, AP-616)
SW-AP312, for (AP-452, AP-551, AP-552,
AP-553, AP-554, AP-555)


Alphabetical Listing by Product Number

AK-100 Sidekick Adapter
AP-7 Cold Shoe
AP-11 Dovetail Adapter
AP-452 Replacement Foot
AP-500 Replacement Foot
AP-501 Replacement Foot
AP-502 Replacement Foot
AP-503 Replacement Foot
AP-551 Replacement Foot
AP-552 Replacement Foot
AP-553 Replacement Foot - Discontinued but still Available
AP-554 Replacement Foot
AP-555 Replacement Foot
AP-600 Replacement Foot
AP-601 Replacement Foot
AP-602 Replacement Foot
AP-603 Replacement Foot
AP-604 Replacement Foot
AP-606 Replacement Foot - coming soon
AP-607 Replacement Foot
AP-608 Replacement Foot
AP-609 Replacement Foot
AP-610 Replacement Foot
AP-611 Replacement Foot
AP-612 Replacement Foot
AP-616 Replacement Foot
AP-620 Replacement Foot
AP-652 Replacement Foot
AP-900 Spacer Plate
AP-901 Spacer Plate
AP-902 Spacer Plate
AP-903 Spacer Plate

BH-300 Arca-Swiss Monoball Z1 with Wimberley Quick Release Clamp
BS-100 Brass Reducer Bushing

C-10 Quick-Release Clamp - Discontinued
C-12 Quick-Release Clamp
C-30 Quick-Release Clamp

CK-100 Sidemount Conversion Kit
CK-200 Full Gimbal Conversion Kit
CK-550 Soft-touch Knob Conversion Kit - for SK-100 Sidekick

F-1 Telephoto Bracket
F-2 Macro Bracket
F-3 Flash Bracket Combo - Discontinued
F-4 Old Style Wimberley Head Bracket
F-6 Sidekick Bracket
F-9 Wimberley Head Version II Bracket
FA-9 Flash Bracket Adapter
FA-11 Adapter for Nikon SC-29 Cord

KY-PP-201 Hex Key

M-1 Quick-Release Arm
M-2 Upright
M-3 Tilt Arm
M-4 Macro Arm
M-5 Old Style Wimberley Head Module - Discontinued but still Available
M-6 Extension Post
M-7 Flash Flipper
M-8 Perpendicular Plate
M-9 Wimberley Head Version II Module

MH-100 Wimberley MonoGimbal Head

P-5 Camera Body Plate
P-10 Lens Plate
P-20 Lens Plate
P-30 Lens Plate
P-35 Lens Plate
P-40 Lens Plate
P-50 Lens Plate

PO-100 Wimberley Gimbal Pouch
PO-120 Sidekick Pouch
PO-130 MonoGimbal Pouch

PP-100 Plamp I - Discontinued
PP-110 Extension for older, original Plamp I - Discontinued but still available
PP-200 Plamp II
PP-210 Plamp Extension Rod
PP-211 Plamp II Thumscrew Clip
PP-220 Plamp II Clamp
PP-222 Plamp II 12" Extension
PP-300 Plamp Stake
PP-310 Plamp Ground Spike
PP-320 Plamp Extension Tube
PP-400 Ground Plamp

RB-100 Riser Block
Quick Flip Bracket

SF-100 Silicone Funnel

SK-100 (Sidekick)

SS-100 Spotting Scope Screw
SW-AP312 M3 x 12mm Mounting Screws for AP-452, AP-551, AP-552, AP-553, AP-554, AP-555
SW-AP412 M4 x 12mm Mounting Screws for AP-609, AP-616
SW-AP414 M4 x 14mm Mounting Screws for AP-600, AP-601, AP-602, AP-603, AP-604, AP-608, AP-652
SW-AP501 1/4-20 x 9/16"L Mounting Screw
SW-AP607 1/4-20 x 7/16"L Mounting Screw

SW-100 Extra Lens Plate Screw
SW-105 Extra Camera Body Plate Screw
SW-STOP-2 Safety Stop Screw
SW-STOP-2S Shorter Safety Stop Screw
SW-SK100 Sidekick Stop Screw

SP-WH-001 Wimberley Gimbal Platform

TH-500 Wimberley Toolholder

WH-100/WH-101(Wimberley Head) - Discontinued
WH-200 (Wimberley Head)
WH-200-S (Sidemount Wimberley Head)

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