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Flash Adapters

Collage of WimberleyTelephoto Bracket highlighted and Macro Bracket and modules and accessories

Wimberley AP-7 Cold Shoe with Accessory Mounting Thumbscrew and Hex Wrench

AP-7 Cold Shoe ($19.00)

The AP-7 is a universal Flash Adapter which securely holds most flashes, shoe cords or shoe adapters attached to other devices. It was designed to mount natively into the M-3 recessed mount portion of our flash brackets. The AP-7 also works with a large array of 1/4-20 mounting applications, using the 1/4-20 female thread hole or the included Accessory Mounting Thumbscrew to attach the cold shoe to a variety of flash brackets, light stands or audio visual mounts.

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Wimberley AP-11 Dovetail Adapter

AP-11 Dovetail Adapter ($19.00)   

The AP-11 Adapter is designed for Really Right Stuff and Kirk plates that have flash bracket mounting holes (RRS plates have two holes, Kirk plates have one). Adding the AP-11 to RRS or Kirk lens plates allows you to attach Wimberley flash brackets to the top surface of the plate. Your plates must have holes in them to accept RRS or Kirk flash brackets and you must have at least 5/8" clearance between the top of your existing plate and the barrel of your lens.

Important Note:
The AP-11 is not compatible with the following Kirk Replacement Feet: LP-47, LP-46, LP-50, & LP-53

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Wimberley FA-9 Flash Bracket Adapter


FA-9 Flash Bracket Adapter ($28.00)

The FA-9 slides onto the swinging arm of the Wimberley Head Version II (WH-200) and allows you to use the old-style Wimberley Head flash bracket (F-4). The FA-9 has special cutouts that allow it to spring open and stay attached to the arm of the head even when you are not using a flash bracket.

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Wimberley FA-11 Flash Bracket Adapter

FA-11 Flash Bracket Adapter ($19.00)

Since the Nikon SC-29 Cord is dimensionally larger than previous Nikon flash cables, the FA-11 adapter allows you to attach the bottom of the Nikon SC-29 cord to the M-3 module, making it compatible with any Wimberley telephoto bracket.

It is also compatible with older style pre-SNAP QR Really Right Stuff, and pre-QR-FP Kirk Flash brackets.

Once the FA-11 is installed, you can attach your SC-29 cord to our flash brackets just as you would with older Nikon cords. You can leave the FA-11 permanently attached to the SC-29 cord.

Screw and Hex Key Included with product.

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Wimberley FA-11 Flash Bracket Adapter installation on Nikon SC-29 cord

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