Plamp Accessories
Wimberley Plamp II Thumb Screw Clip PP-211  
PP-211 Plamp II Thumb Screw Clip  ($14.00)   

Retrofit your original Plamp I with the redesigned Plamp II clip. Connects to 1/4" Loc-line.

This is not compatible as a replacement clip for the current Plamp II. Please call if you need a replacement clip for your Plamp II.

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Wimberley Plamp II Thumb Screw Clip PP-211  
PP-220 Plamp II Clamp  ($14.00)   

Replacement Clamp for your Plamp II.

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12   PP-222 12" Plamp II Extension  ($8.00)         

For extending the reach for your Plamp II (Not Plamp I). Consists of 1/2" Loc-line.

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PP-310 Plamp Ground Spike  ($15.00)         

The Ground Spike is a custom-designed screwdriver, designed specifically to serve as the anchor for the Plamp Stake. It's high-strength steel shank and ergonomic handle allows you to penetrate even the toughest ground without damaging it. A slotted screw allows you to adjust how tightly the handle fits into the socket of the Extension Tube. Ground spike can be used by itself or in conjunction with the Extension Tube to add more height.

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Wimberley Plamp Extension Tube PP-320  

PP-320 Plamp Extension Tube  ($10.00)         

A 12" rigid plastic tube with a flared end that fits snugly on the handle of the Ground Spike.

Multiple extensions may be connected in series to achieve the desired height.
(Each one adds about 10" of height.)

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Wimberley Plamp Extension Tube PP-320  

KY-PP-201 Plamp Thumbscrew Clip Tension Adjust Key  ($2.00)         

This tool is not necessary for normal use of the plamp.

The Plamp clip is designed to rotate relative to the articulating arm with slightly less resistance than is found between similar arm segments.

If you desire this resistance to be higher or lower, you may accomplish this by adjusting the Torx 20 mounting screw.

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Wimberley Plamp Extension Tube PP-320  

DIY Sources and manufacturers of plamp compatible fittings, pipe and hose.

Plamp Related Hardware   Wimberley Plamp Related Hardware

For more DIY type fittings and accessories please see our selection of plamp related hardware.

Loc-Line website   Loc-Line Manufacturer's Website

We use High Quality Loc-Line in our plamp products.

On their site you will be able to find every fitting they make. Many of these are useful in custom photographic setups. These components are readily available on Amazon, Ebay, or other supplier.

Loc-Line Catalog Download Page -

Circo website   Circo Innovations Website

Circo offers high quality "furniture" grade PVC pipe and fittings. They offer the same high quality UV resistant pipe used in the plamp stake and ground plamp. You may purchase compatible pipe and fittings directly from this site. We use 3/4" PVC on all plamp products.


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