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WH-100/101 Classic Wimberley Head®
WH-200 Wimberley Gimbal Head Version II Discontinued - Years of Production (1991-2006)

WH-101 Classic Wimberley Head w/QR C-30 Clamp

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Note: Production of this product ceased in the Fall of 2006. We no longer have inventory of this model in our new or reconditioned product inventory.

Please contact us for availability and pricing of replacement parts. We continue to offer repair services for this product.

--Protected by one or more of the following Patents: #7478970 & #7600941--


Old Wimberley Head

Price $565.00
Weight 4.15 lb (1.9 kg)
Max. Dimensions Height: 11.08" (28.1 cm)
Width: 4.28" (10.9 cm)
Depth: 10.09" (25.6 cm)
Dedicated Flash Bracket F-4
Quick-Release Type Arca-Swiss (Bolted-on)

About the Wimberley Head

The Wimberley Head is a specialized gimbal tripod head for telephoto lenses. Its gimbal head type design allows you to easily support and manipulate very large lenses for tracking birds and animals.. Since its introduction in 1991, the Wimberley Head has become the industry standard for serious nature photographers. The WH-101 was replaced with the much improved WH-200.






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