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Flash Brackets

Attaching Your Flash to Wimberley Brackets

In order to attach your flash to Wimberley Brackets, you must use an "off-camera" cable (made by the manufacturer of your camera). This serves as the link between your flash and your camera and also provides the 1/4-20 threaded hole needed to screw the flash to our brackets. (See full flash mounting instructions here.)

Any flash cord that has a 1/4-20 mounting hole can be attached to our macro brackets.

Our telephoto brackets have special cutouts around their mounting point that automatically align your flash and keep it from twisting. The cutouts are designed to mate with most Canon and Nikon off-camera cables. The Nikon SC-29 cable is an exception and requires the FA-11 Adapter in order to work with our telephoto brackets (Note: the SC-29 will work with our macro brackets without the FA-11).

Wimberley F-9 Telephoto Bracket mounted on Wimbreley Head Version II (WH-200) with camera and lens

Lens Plate Attachment

For Wimberley Lens Plates

If you are using Wimberley lens plates you can attach Wimberley flash brackets to the top surface of the plate (since Wimberley Plates have a dovetail on both the bottom and top surface of the plate). This is advantageous because it ensures that the flash bracket will not interfere with the quick-release clamp on your tripod head.

  Wimberley Flash Bracket attached to 
          top of lens plate

For Non-Wimberley Lens Plates

Wimberley brackets can be attached to the bottom of any Arca-Swiss style lens plate, provided that the plate is long enough (see requirements below). If your plate is not long enough you may be able to use the AP-11 adapter plate to remedy the situation (see below), or you can switch to a Wimberley Plate.

  Wimberley Flash Bracket attachment on the bottom of lens plate
lens plate in QR Clamp showing required 3/4 extension needed to mount Wimberley Flash Bracket on Arca-Swiss style plate
Length Requirements for Non-Wimberley Plates

Wimberley Flash Brackets will attach to the bottom of other manufacturers’ Arca-Swiss style plates, but the plate must be long enough so that part of the plate's dovetail is available when the plate is safely clamped in the quick-release clamp of your tripod head. Your plate should extend at least 1/2" past the centerline of the quick release clamp to ensure that it is safely clamped. You must also have 3/4" of plate exposed beyond the end of the clamp for the flash bracket to grab.

Note: These are the absolute minimum requirements. If you are not comfortable with these dimensions, you may want to switch to a Wimberley double-dovetail plate. Note that attaching the flash bracket to a relatively short plate limits fore-aft adjustment. This is particularly problematic when using a gimbal head, where precise balance is crucial.

Wimberley AP-11 Dovetail Adapter
AP-11 Dovetail Adapter ($19.00)      What's Included

The AP-11 Adapter is designed for Really Right Stuff and Kirk plates that have flash bracket mounting holes (RRS plates have two holes, Kirk plates have one). Adding the AP-11 to RRS or Kirk lens plates allows you to attach Wimberley flash brackets to the top surface of the plate. Your plates must have holes in them to accept RRS or Kirk flash brackets and you must have at least 5/8" clearance between the top of your existing plate and the barrel of your lens.

Download Product Instructions -

Wimberley AP-11 Dovetail Adapter on kirk plate
Important Note: The AP-11 is not compatible with the following Kirk Replacement Feet: LP-47, LP-46, LP-50, & LP-53

Camera with Camera Body Plate P-5 mounted on ball head with F-2 Macro Bracket attached to P-5
Camera Body Plate Attachment

The F-2 Macro Bracket can be attached directly to an Arca-Swiss style camera body plate. Length requirements are the same as those for lens plates (above).

If your camera plate is too short, add the M-8 Perpendicular Plate. This plate also allows you to attach telephoto brackets and multiple macro brackets to your camera body.



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