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About Ordering - International

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Dear International Customers,

We hope the information here will help you to receive your order quickly and seamlessly. We use UPS Worldwide for our international shipments. From our experience UPS has been the fastest and most economical way to safely ship orders to our customers.

You can expect to receive your shipment in 2-5 business days or less depending on the shipping option you select. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover for payment online. Upon delivery, customers outside the USA may be required to pay import taxes and/or duties imposed by their country on foreign shipments. These fees are not reflected in the Wimberley UPS shipping price.

Important Warning:

In order for your package to be delivered, someone must be available to receive your order and to pay any import fees. Please keep this in mind when providing us with a shipping address. See more information on duties and taxes.


Important Warning:

Our shipping costs do not include any duties or taxes that you might be charged by your country. We have no knowledge of these fees and restrictions, so please refer to the specific rules and regulations set forth by your country to anticipate any fees that you will be required to pay upon delivery of your order.  

We are required by law to accurately report the value and contents of international shipments. We strictly abide by this law; therefore, please do not ask us to undervalue the content on customs declaration forms.

Import Taxes and Customs Duties

All International commodities go through a brokerage process where Customs officials assess the value of the shipment and apply appropriate import taxes and duties. There is generally a fee for this process, which can vary depending on what brokerage company the carrier uses for this process. UPS has their own brokerage service, which helps to standardize costs and keep the fees reasonable.

Import Fees (VAT and duties)

Import fees (VAT and duties) are in addition to brokerage and freight costs. Because these charges vary from country to country, we have no way to incorporate them into the cost of our online order pricing. We cannot control nor have any knowledge of the duties, import taxes, or brokerage administrative fees that other countries impose with regard to our shipments.

UPS Tracking

All international customers should receive a package tracking number in an email from when the order ships. It is important to track your package to see when it will be delivered so that you can arrange to have payment ready on that date.

Please visit the UPS website and follow the instructions below to contact the customs office near you in order to determine the amount you will owe upon delivery of your package. If you do not have payment available upon delivery, it will delay receipt of your order.

1. Select your country, or the country closest to your country that handles international shipping imports.
2. On the Welcome to UPS page, find the drop-down menu “Looking for...".
3. Click on the down arrow to see a list of topics.
4. Scroll down the list. You should see a "Support" heading.
5. Click on "contact UPS"
6. You should see contact information for a UPS brokerage office which handles imports for your country.
7. Contact the office listed to obtain an estimate of what you will owe when your package is delivered.
8. Have your Wimberley online order confirmation available as this will provide you with freight and product cost information. They will ask you questions on the value of the shipment and what type of products you are importing. Our products are all classified as "camera accessories" or "photographic accessories", with a harmonized tariff code (HTC) of 9006910000.
9. Track your shipment with the tracking number provided to see when the shipment will be delivered.Have payment ready on the delivery date.

If no one can accept and pay for your shipment on the scheduled delivery date, please contact your local UPS office to make alternate arrangements for delivery of your package.



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