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Wimberley is a father-son partnership dedicated to the design
and manufacture of professional photography equipment.
We make tripod gimbal heads for large telephoto lenses,
macro accessories, Modular Flash Brackets, Arca-Swiss style
quick-release clamps & plates, and more...

Quality Assurance:
- 60-Day Unconditional Guarantee
- 10-Year Warranty
- Free Trials

- Made in USA and Assembled in Charlottesville, VA 

Wimberley Gimbal Tripod Head WH-200      Wimberley Sidemount Gimbal Tripod Head WH-200-S   Wimberley Sidekick Gimbal Head SK-100          Wimberley MonoGimbal Head MH-100    Wimberley Flash Brackets
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Wimberley C-12 Quick Release Clamp with Screw Knob    Wimberley P-5 Universal Arca-Swiss Camera Body Plate    Wimberley Quick Release Lens Plates    Wimberley Lens Replacement Feet    Wimberley Flash Bracket Adapters
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Wimberley Hardware Wimberley Hardware Wimberley Plamp PP-200


"The Wimberley Head provides unparalleled freedom of movement when working with large telephoto lenses."

-Art Wolfe

"The Sidekick has become my constant companion on photo shoots because for a little more weight, it offers a wide range of new possibilities in wildlife photography."

-Theo Allofs

"The Wimberley Plamp is a very useful tool that always travels with me in the field. I use the Plamp to hold a subject like a flower while I photograph it, steady a subject in the wind, and even to hold a card to shade my lens and eliminate flare. It works like a third hand. I have found all of the Wimberley accessories to be well thought out, and the company is a pleasure to do business with."

-George Lepp

“These flash brackets are the best system I've encountered for doing macro flash afield and for doing tele-flash work.
That's quite a statement."

-Joe McDonald

“All of my telephoto lenses are equipped with the superbly designed Wimberley plates. The ‘stop-studs' on the bottom of both ends of the Wimberley plates ensure that the lens will not disengage from the clamp even should I forget to re-tighten the clamp. Fifty-some-odd dollars is cheap insurance for your $6,000 to $10,000 lens!"

-Arthur Morris

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