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The Wimberley Toolholder - Advantages  

The inexpensive high speed steel tool bit is easy to sharpen. The toolholder's built-in back and side rake allow for efficient cutting in a variety of materials including steel and aluminum. Facing and turning can be accomplished with the holder in one orientation. This ensures that a very sharp edge is always just a few minutes and cents away.

Free samples are available to those in positions of high visibility such as authors published in The Home Shop Machinist or similar magazines.

Wimberley HSS lathe Tool holder

Wimberley Toolholder ($59.00)   

"Regular cuts, facing, and turning to a shoulder, were all accomplished to my high satisfaction, all without changing the orientation of the cutter. This is superb!"
 -Glenn M. Schultz

"No resetting the tool block. No regrinding for a chip breaker. No fancy edge re-sharping angles for the edge grind. I personally think you have a winner."  
-Herbert Yohe

"Grind two facets, set the length and height, and start cutting. For the novice or experienced pro this tool will do a great job. Perhaps my highest recommendation is that I will buy others."  
-C. H. Sherin

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Advantages of Using The Wimberley Toolholder

Ease of Use/Convenience


Operating Characteristics

Negative 5 degree lead angle tool bit geometry

Positive 45 degree lead angle tool bit geometry



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