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Collage of Wimberley Plamp II PP-200 and Plamp Accessories

The Plamp II

Testimonials for the Plamp

“The Wimberley Plamp is a very useful tool that always travels with me in the field. I use the Plamp to hold a subject like a flower while I photograph it, steady a subject in the wind, and even hold a card to shade my lens to eliminate flare. It works like a third hand.”

-George Lepp

"One of the biggest problems in photographing close-ups of flowers in available light is that the slightest breeze produces movement in the subject. This makes precise framing and focusing on the flower very difficult. The Plamp solves this problem beautifully. One end of the Plamp attaches to your tripod and the other end clamps to the stem of the plant just below your picture area. This holds the flower motionless while you compose, focus, and shoot. Additional benefits include the ability to tilt the flower slightly if desired for better composition and to control the exact background behind the flower. The Plamp is lightweight and can be coiled up when not in use for compact storage. The articulation arm is long enough to use even with telephoto lenses. I consider the Plamp to be a necessary piece of equipment for serious wildflower photographers and recommend it highly. I am adding it to the equipment list on all the workshops I conduct where wildflower photography is anticipated."

-Joseph K. Lang

"For years I dreamt of a mechanism that would help to stabilize objects and work to position subjects away from distracting backgrounds. The plamp is a macrophotographer's dream come true. Working with the plamp is like having an assistant in the field without the expensive day rate, and is much more portable."

-Nancy Rotenberg

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