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The Plamp

"The Plamp is a macrophotographer's dream come true..."  -Nancy Rotenberg

PP-200 The Plamp II ($43.00)


Product Instructions:

Instructions PP-200 (Plamp II)
Instructions PP-222 (Plamp II 12" Extension)
Instructions PP-211 (Plamp II Thumbscrew Clip)
Instructions PP-110 (Small Link Original Plamp Extension)


How much weight will the Plamp II hold?
How wide will the Plamp II clip open?

An important note for 180mm and 200mm lens users:

If you need more reach (e.g. if you are using a 180mm or 200mm macro lens), you have three options. The first option is to attach the Plamp II to an object other than your own tripod, like the Plamp Stake. The second option is to extend one of the legs of your tripod toward your subject and then attach the Plamp further down the leg of your tripod and thus closer to your subject. The third option is to extend the length of your Plamp by adding extra links to its arm with one of the Plamp Extensions. The trade-off to adding extra length to your Plamp is that it becomes less rigid.


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