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Sidemount Wimberley Head
"I'm very happy with the Sidemount conversion kit. Takes away some bulk and weight for traveling."  -Jamie Douglas

WH-200-S Sidemount Wimberley Head ($495.00)   
--Protected by one or more of the following Patents: #7478970 & #7600941--

Note: The Sidemount Wimberley Head has a built-in Arca-Swiss style quick-release clamp. In order to use the head, your lens must be equipped with an Arca-Swiss style lens plate.


Product Instructions:

Instructions WH-200-S (Sidemount Wimberley Head)
Instructions CK-100 (Sidemount Conversion Kit)
Instructions CK-200 (Full Gimbal Conversion Kit)


Intro to Quick Release System
Removing the Wimberley Head from a Tripod


About The Arca-Swiss System Video


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